Wednesday, March 3, 2010

recent accomplishments

On Monday, I found myself itching for change! Not the money that jingles in your pocket, but the term referring to an event or idea that makes life or home different. Since moving into the Henson apartment we have been enjoying space and being able to sprawl out and breathe. The reason I wanted change was because of one room that isn't breathable or livable, at least not to me. The place Nathan spends most of his time while I am busy doing homework or kitchen work. The guest room/office/laundry room. Yes the three are one!

I have tried time and again to make the place cozy, bright, and welcoming. Yet each time I enter that room to get Nathan for breakfast or dinner or to spend time with him, I find myself claustrophobic and raring to get out of the "dark hole" as I have begun to think of it.
I feel that I have accomplished the transformation of "dark hole" into "home." These are just a few snapshots of this feat.

I feel like it is now a new place, all bright and cheery. I still have some work to do, like hanging pictures in place and organizing the shelves better, but here is what I have completed so far.

So first thing was that I moved the small shelf from this corner

to here.

The following is the way it looked before this moved.
Well...there is a bit of a someone in the way, but you see what this wall looked like before :-)

Next I moved this shelf to over....


I then put this in the entrance to the guest room/laundry/ office.

And where the dresser used to be, is now the above! This is what I did just for my cozy corner where many hours will be spent reading aloud to Nathan! He is probably more excited about this than I am.

At nights he craves our reading time. I did not like being in the guest room because it was dark, plain, and cramped. Not to mention I had no real space to read that was comfy. To read aloud in "his room" while he was at his desk, involved a ten minute struggle with the trundle bed in order to be relaxed enough to enjoy reading. The effort was too much for me and reading time became dreaded. I just couldn't bear the thought of him alone! The thought makes me feel lachrymose and depressed just imagining how lonely it would be having your own spouse not want to spend every opportune moment together all because of a silly discomfort!

I like to think that this room will now become "our room" where we can spend precious times discussing politics, relishing moments of joy, laughing together, and just being in each others company. Though I meant the corner of the room to be for our reading time, I know it will be a multi-functional spot. As Pooh would call it, my "thotful spot."

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