Friday, May 14, 2010

our third

As I sit here next to Nathan who is sound asleep and snoring (somewhere around 2:00am), I think to myself, "is this real?" I am in constant awe of all the blessings God has bestowed on us these three years. I still find myself marveling that God chose him for me. Why me? I love him so much, even with his snoring, teasing, and picking on me. He is truly a blessing. Nathan and I both agree that we cannot talk about our daily life or events without using "us" and "we" or "our." Our lives belong together and we do pray God grants that we remain alive together in marriage for many years to come.

To celebrate our anniversary, Nathan took me to the Jarrett House of Dillsboro, NC and kept it a secret until arriving there. I was truly amazed and had no idea we would be dining there! The food was amazing, southern style, and delicious. The style being simple made us feel at home. We found ourselves talking over the food and praising the restaurant and all the work that was put into it. I was truly pleased. It was expensive dining, but an anniversary calls for out of ordinary and going all out once in a while.

(the porch at the Jarrett House. Sorry no indoor shots, I forgot to bring the camera in amid all the excitement and squeals as Nathan pulled up next to the sidewalk and I hopped out. I beat him to the restaurant from our car!! A first!)

Last year we ate at a barbecue restaurant in Dillsboro and though that seemed like the lowest, I truly enjoyed sitting in a booth that had Harrison Ford's and Mickey Rooney's signatures on menus laminated and mounted on the wall beside us. The style was very simple and southern at the Smokehouse, but that is barbecue style for you and even still, I remember having a great time. All you need for a good time is a wonderful person with you. And truly each anniversary has been wonderful and we look forward with anticipation and secrets to each one.

Nathan, after dinner, still had a secret up his sleeve. We drove all the way to Asheville on that beautiful day. Not knowing where we were headed I sat back, talked my head off like usual, and took some pictures of the lovely scenery and the tall overpass just before reaching Asheville. I wasn't sure we would be stopping in Asheville, Waynesville, Cherokee, or beyond all, but as we came to the Builtmore Park exit I guessed we would be visiting either some shops or the theater.

(Nathan enjoying his sneakiness and surprise. )

(Somewhere in the direction of Asheville, as I was guessing aloud and taking photos. )

(A freak of a tall bridge over the highway near Asheville. )

We do not go to see movies often, well to some standards, and so it was a special occasion that we did go to the very nice Builtmore Regal Cinema. The tickets, though $10 per adult for later than 6:00 showings, were worth every moment to be there comfortably next to my hubby and watching what we had been waiting for: Iron Man 2. Call me crazy for wanting and hoping to see that film on our anniversary, but really, being comfortable, non formal, and having a great time is all that really matters when I am with Nathan on a date.

We really did have a great night! I hope I never forget all these great times of our first years together.

(what is it with cats and cameras?)

Here is a picture of the bouquet of flowers Nathan gave me for our anniversary (the small pot of flowers beside the vase was a mother's day gift from my father-in-law. He gives to everyone on Mother's Day, even the non mothers). I have no idea the name of the flowers and neither does Nathan. Anyone?