Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My cats are missed

You really don't know how much life is around you when you are at home until it isn't there. In my case it is my cats whom bring so much life in my dwelling. I am accustomed to being at home alone all day, but I didn't realize just how much I wasn't alone until we actually made the decision to leave our cats in Cashiers for an entire week. This was not an easy decision for me at all. There are times when I get frustrated with them for all the mischief and mayhem they display, but that is my preference over the silence I have been experiencing for two whole days now. Our house feels so dead right now. My reason for leaving them in Cashiers was merely to let the hairs settle and vacuum them up before my family comes to visit on Saturday. Dad is allergic to cat hairs. Is it worth not having the cats here a whole week in order to make my dad comfortable? Absolutely! But this doesn't mean I can't miss my cats something fierce. My constant companions aren't here by my side, the cat bowl is empty, the tub is empty of the small pool of water I have accustomed myself to seeing, I don't have a cat to snuggle with in bed. When I practice piano, Copper isn't there to walk up and down the keys! Where are those swishing tails to greet me when I enter the room they abide? where are those meows to greet me when I wake up in the morning? where are the claws that so lovingly scratch me to announce cuddle time? why won't they come when I call? Though today Nathan and I celebrate our second anniversary, it really isn't the same without cats to interrupt. Until I have children of my own, they are my kids and joy when I am alone all day. I do look forward with eager anticipation to bringing them back home again!

Nathan: my gift from God


Thank you for all that you are to me! I cannot thank you enough. You have been a splendid light and joy in my life.
When you are there to wake me up in the mornings, I don't thank you because I don't know how. Grumbles are all that ensue and the only way I know how to respond. I am sorry that I don't thank you then, but I am thanking you now!
Thanks for the roses you give to me on my birthdays and Valentine's Days.
For the understanding you show when I am down and dreary.
For the times when you have been there to cry with me.
Thank you for the tickles and laughter.
For reading together with me. Those times are my favorite!
Thanks for all the smiles and goofy remarks to help me smile too. You have no idea how much they mean to me!
Thank you for the late night cuddles and whispers when I can't fall asleep.
And for taking time to understand and sort out my problems, even when the problems are silly ones to you; you know just how to make me feel better!
Thank you for showing me how to think outside the box. That was the beginning of our adventures together!
Though I may get angry or upset with you some days, it is wonderful that you understand me even still and will be right by my side at the end of the battle. Thank you ever so much for that!
For the care you show when I have fallen, tripped, stubbed my toe, fallen again, slipped on nothing, etc., etc., I am truly grateful! Thank you for showing me I can laugh at my blunders and clumsy mistakes.
Thank you for showing me that my mistakes don't have to be my worst enemy and nightmare. That I can either overcome them or live with them and move on in life.
When you give me your undivided attention, and amaze me by it =), I am blessed and especially thankful for it.
Even in times when I want to be right and you show me truth, though I may not at first admit I am wrong, I do thank you for giving me the time to come to my understanding of the truth.
Thank you for your patience in listening to my constant chatter during one of my most blissful days.
Thanks for knowing how to be romantic.
And for scooping the kitty litter; it isn't a pleasant job!
For holding hands with me in the grocery store even though you don't want to be there.
Thank you for taking me grocery shopping. You have no idea how much I hate walking to the store to do the shopping!
And for coming home to me everyday! There are many husbands today that aren't faithful and make up lies of where they need to be instead of home. You are not one of them!
Thank you thank you thank you for your contentedness! It is an inspiration to me when I find little things here and there that I want or feel that I need.
Thank you for going to work everyday, that we can have food, clothing, and a place to sleep. Though some days you wish you had a higher income to provide more, how much money you make isn't what creates the strong bond that we have in each other!
And most of all I thank God for creating you! That you are who you are and that you aren't anybody else but you! That you are mine! The joy I have for you wells up in me and grows ever stronger by the moment.
You are my knight in shining armor, my hero, my sweetheart, my prince charming, my first boyfriend, my dream come true, my best Christmas present of 2006, and most of all, my husband! Thank you for the best two years of marriage I had never thought I would live, but was given anyway! God gave you for me to be my other half and to complete me. And that is just what you are and do! No one else could do it better than you!

Happy Anniversary!