Monday, February 23, 2009


So today was really cold. 15 degrees outside is hard to endure inside. I have been bundled up in front of our heater and knitting nearly all day. Tomorrow is scheduled to be warmer, and Wednesday even warmer. In four more weeks it will be spring. I can't wait to transform my screen porch into my knitting, tea sipping, and book reading haven.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Old Hobby of Mine

It has been a while since I have knitted. Last week I was hunting down all my knitting books and tools to consolidate them. That was when I found my favorite knitting needles. I probably shouldn't have picked them up. Now I am planning an afghan and trying to endure hand cramps along the way. I can hardly type this, cut the chicken up for our soup dinner tonight, sweep, wash dishes, wash my hands, or merely hold any object with my right hand without it cramping and contorting in pain. I have experienced this with crocheting. I thought for sure that knitting would be different. I just never have gotten this serious over knitting before. Do you think four hours of knitting is too much for one sitting? Probably. But it is addicting when I can see the end result of my afghan and the anticipation of it is what pushes me to keep at it.

OK so I am sure I am boring you about afghans and cramps. Life hasn't had too many turning points or life changing events for us much right now. I did enjoy a wonderful Valentine's week with Nathan last week.Wednesday night I made him a special chicken noodle soup with candle light, doilies, and fine china attiring the table. Thursday, Nathan took me out to Fatz and gave me a teddy bear with chocolates. Friday, he drove me out to Waynesville for my first time. We mainly went to the Walmart and for the beautiful drive. Saturday, Valentine's Day, I had a rose delivered to Cashiers where we stay on weekends. Nathan had to work that day so I was sorry we couldn't spend that day together, but I did have a wonderful time babysitting Cici and being with Mama and Daddy (my in-laws). Sunday we had a church soup and sandwhich gathering to celebrate the addition of a new elder.

It was a wonderful week for us and very enjoyable at that! This week is much slower. The most I have done is just housework and knitting around our house. Not much else has been needed. And it has been cold out so not warm enough for walks. I will be glad when spring comes along.

My hand tells me I need to quit.