Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY No-Fuss Christmas Wreath

I have never been much of a Christmas decorator. I usually just wanted to own ornaments and wrapping paper, nothing more. This year, I have really been getting into the Christmas spirit.
I don't have a lot of money to spend on nice Christmas decor, but I ran across an idea on Pinterest where you can make a wreath out of fabric and a coat hanger. So here is my instructional.

What you will need:
a metal wire coat hanger (I used a small one)
Scrap fabrics

Here is my method:

First, take your coat hanger and work it into a circle. You can see that mine is a little lopsided. This doesn't really matter, because you are going to tie fabric strips to it, leaving the brain to think that it is a circular wreath.

 Second, decide whether you want reds or greens and then snip and strip the fabric into several two inch wide strips. This is just to make it even more no-fuss, you can rotary cut the pieces if you want. I didn't even bother with ironing out the wrinkles. Maybe I am just lazy. Meh, whatever.

Third, take your long strips and cut them into smaller strips about five to six inch long. Grab them up at random and tie them onto your coat hanger. I put a little bit of red on my wreath, but it was just to add festiveness to it.

Next, hang it on your door, over your fireplace, above your favorite couch, or wherever it most suits you! I loved the way my green wreath looks on my red front door.

Lastly, enjoy!
Bonus: with the leftover fabrics, you can put them in a mason jar, tie a red ribbon around the jar and you get a second Christmas decoration to place anywhere you please! I can't decide if mine belongs on a shelf with my husband's model ships or beside the lamp on my DVD/Bluray shelf.