Friday, March 7, 2014

This Has Been a Long Week!

Recently, my husband and I caught a nasty cough. I often find myself wanting to sleep it off,  but with a stuffy nose, achy body, and needy cats, it is hard to do so. With my husband being sick, we both end up going stir crazy. With our favorite author Brandon Sanderson's new release on Tuesday, we ended up reading "Words of Radiance," aloud together. While I would have liked to sleep instead of read, I couldn't resist this novel. We have been waiting for this one for three years now. We had recently re-read "The Way of Kings" the first in the series. So naturally, the sequel and our great anticipation of it could not wait another week!
Nathan reading aloud to me while I make lunch
So between sniffles, blowing noses, coughing, and sneezing we have managed to read to page 368 (out of the 1088 pages!) and Nathan went to work this morning! What am I going to do? "Catching Fire" was released today on Blu-ray and we plan on watching it with his family, but why would we want to watch that with the book waiting for us?!
Here is what I have been doing. . .
Reading Winnie-The-Pooh is always a comfort with a nice cup of tea, while I wait for my husband to get home to read Sanderson's sequel. 

My chair is looking comfy with my afghan project, huggy pillow, books (you can see the massive Sanderson Sequel below "Pooh"), water bottle, tea, tissue galore, basket for tissue landing, and heater. 
I am in need of a proper end table and have been feeling guilty about using my piano bench. I have been careful about using coasters, however.
In the meantime, this is what I want to be knitting!