Monday, March 22, 2010

It must be my month...

Since Nathan got the job at The Tech Place and has been working three hours extra per day, we have run into loopholes in our system. First thing is dinner time. We have to eat at 8:05 on the dot. That is when he gets home. Our second loophole. Groceries. By 8:00, Nathan gets off work. Five minutes later he is home, changes into casual attire and eats dinner before settling down for the night. No more grocery shopping at 5:30 with him.

Today I decided to go walk to the store for a change. I hadn't done that in nearly two years. It is a half mile walk round from our apartment to the ghetto Ingles (store #14) and back. I had a small shopping list anyway, so I thought, "why not?" Getting to the grocery store was no problem. Getting back is all uphill. Still no problem. The problem was that I needed another tote bag to bundle all my bags together. I ran into the Dollar General and bought a second market bag and readjusted my items for the trip home and shouted blessings to the lady who helped me find the bag.

At the beginning of the road leading to our driveway, I stopped to catch my breath, drink some water, and prayed, "Lord give me strength and help me home." Like I always do. Not too long after that, two cops pulled off the side of the road. One in front of me and one behind. Great, what did I do now?!?

I paused and the lady in one of the cars got out walked toward me and said "someone called asking if you needed a ride home." The only problem here was they asked me too late. I was in front of our apartment.

"Oh they were sweet" I exclaimed with a smile, "But that is my home. I made it!!"
Did I look that pathetic while walking home? I bet I looked funny. I had two market bags and an Ingles sack and my shoulders may have been sagging. Who was it that called? I thank God the person calling was a sensitive and ever so kind person. I tear up right now just thinking about them and the kindness they showed me. I will never know who, but I thank God for them and pray He shows them mercy and kindness. Somehow I wish I could meet them and thanked them.

God did help me and was watching out for me for sure!! My prayer was answered. I did make it home and I now have a story to tell. How often does a street walker get pulled over by two cops?

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