Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breathless Moments and Snow.

There is something refreshing and exciting about the calm just before the snow; the anticipation of a few inches as you watch the weather channel's prediction the night before while curling both hands around a warm and soothing cup of coffee.

When in the morning, you glance out the kitchen window straining to see something in the black out there, adrenaline kicks in, you think you see a flake here and there falling. Could it be? You struggle to finish making breakfast for wanting only to give the window your undivided attention while wishing the visibility outside would improve. Will it snow today? you wonder as breakfast is on the table, prayers are lifted up before the Lord and plates squeak beneath the forks. If only the table were closer to the window to peer out in the dark in hope of a glimpse of white.

Finally after getting plates scraped and cleaning and silverware put up, you realize it is lighter than before, though still dark. Waltzing to the bedroom and opening up the bedside curtain, you see the street, the cars, and what's that? Is it possibly snow, or is it just rains. Focusing harder, you see what you had hoped for the night before. Soft small flakes sparkle before your eyes.

It turns a shade lighter outside and you know for sure there is no rain or sleet mixed in the snow, it is all snow!! When you call your husband to sit with you, he shares in this moment of gee. And yet you feel that he isn't truly drinking it in enough or feeling it just right so you get a poem about snow and read it. Still, the poem pales in comparison to how it truly is so you sigh and vow to station yourself by that window as long as you can and enjoy the moment while it is there. You are reminded that you are a minority in your town and wonder what it is about the snow that causes people to hate it. You lift a prayer of comfort for those people that they may see His glory among the snow they so strongly distaste.

Tomorrow the snow won't be the same as today. Today's flakes fall only once. Cherish these breathless moments of today knowing that God only gives you today for a short time. You hear this often, but does it truly sink in? Can you ever truly embrace the moments and really enjoy them as they are meant to be enjoyed?

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