Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday, I went to school to take a Geography test.

After the test, while waiting outside the library for the transit and munching on mixed nuts a young fellow in his twenties stepped out of his car onto the sidewalk and stopped at the entrance. He looked at me and asked, "Did you hear the birds?"

I was taken aback. I never have guys his age ask me that question. Taking him for a flirt, but not knowing how else to respond I say, "yes, they are pretty aren't they?" I did notice they were singing more often since the warmer weather came. Surely he is just an observant and flirtatious male; can he see my rings?

"Do you know what they are telling you?" I nearly laughed at this one and I am sure I looked a bit confused, yet I had to ask him out of curiosity,

"What are they saying?" Here goes; he surely must be wanting to ask for my number in the strangest way possible or tell me, through the birds, that I am pretty or something.

"They say, 'God is watching over you.' "

Of all the things strangers have said to me, this one tops them all!!!

"Yes He is!" I agreed, smiling.

He continued walking toward the library and said to me "I thought you might like to know that."

"Thanks." I had to reply, still smiling. It is a simple message and true enough. God's birds are evidence of His watch-care as the Bible tells us. And He is watching over us. I could find no fault in His message.

After he entered the library, I turned back to watching for my bus and laughed a little. God does work in mysterious ways, as we often tell ourselves. But does He work in the most bizarre ways too? My day had been going fairly well up to that point. But still I needed the encouragement and reminder that it was going well because of Him, how often we forget His hand in our lives especially when things are going the best. Nathan and I had just discussed this during our morning devotional.

I do not believe I will ever forget this young man...

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