Monday, March 22, 2010

Life is Good

This morning I awoke to Nathan dragging me across and out of the bed by my ankles, like normal, with no more than a brief, "Dorry-it's-time-to-get-up" warning. I grumble and moan, like usual, because I do not want to get up. I try really hard this time to hold onto the bed covers and pillow and "will" myself into being stronger than Nathan for once. To no avail. He gets me to my feet and pushes me down that long and everlasting hall to take care of business. The cats are already waiting for me in the bathroom, like always, with Copper on the sink and Scrabble pacing in front of the toilet, meowing. I smile weakly. Their job is to force me into giving them both their morning affection during my most inconvenient time. It is their version of a wake up call.

Dragging myself into the kitchen, I spot Nathan scooping aromatic coffee grounds into his French press. I wish for once that I could have caffeine this morning, as is my desire each morn. Nathan leaves the room calling orders to me that are not necessary, because I do them each morning anyway. Still, I nod and mumble a sleepy "ok." With that, I wait for the kettle to sing before filling his little French press.

Zombie-like, I shuffle my feet across the kitchen floor making breakfast preparations. I pause to stretch my arms and arch my back. All of a sudden breakfast is on the table with Nathan is in his seat across from me looking like an angel of morning-time, with his coffee mug full and steamy and a broad smile I want to smack off his face. Somehow I cannot recall the steps we took to get to this point. And as normal, I fold my right hand into his left while he blesses our breakfast, provided for us from above. We eat, transfer the dishes to the sink, and then sit at the table once more. The climax of each morning.

He lifts our Bible from the kitchen dresser and flips it open to the bookmarked location in Hebrews. Today's verses were of our Great High Priest in chapter four. What a burden that was!! I listen carefully, taking in as much as I can for morning time. All the while, Scrabble is pushing herself at my feet and legs, yearning for more attention and Copper sits proper like watching us. We talk a little about the verses while clearing up the kitchen and preparing for our day.

It is a beautiful morning, an untainted day, and lovely altogether. Life is good. Nearly forgetting to check the news online, I pull out my laptop and discover Obama's bill passed, however unconstitutional. I find myself very calm at the moment of discovery. I know it will no ruin my day. Life is still good, because God is still in charge of our world and His justice will prevail. Nothing happens in life that God did not already know would happen. This is a comfort. He knew that last night's bill would pass. He has plans already. I would never have voted for it, yet I know this has happened because of the sinfulness of men and that God will work through it all for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Our part in life as His children is to remain faithful to Him. All we can do is pray and continue on our journey.

I hope and pray all who read this is having a blessed day and that you will go about your days while enjoying your little routines in life like I do. God Bless you!

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