Thursday, March 6, 2008

A visit to our favorite place (03-01-08)

My favorite place in the world. Where Nathan proposed to me
December 23, 2008. It is nearly a year ago that we were married.
Almost a year ago that we had our first kiss here. Two weeks
before our wedding on a Saturday we kissed on the spot where he
proposed. We didn't kiss until two weeks before, because we had thought
we wanted our first kiss to be our wedding kiss. Then I decided it
wasn't something that would be a romantic story for my kids when
I tell them our story later on in life.

I drove Nathan out to the lake Saturday the 1st of March. It was
pretty windy, but I am glad we went back there. We stood in our
spot where he had proposed (and I said "yes") and also where we
shared our first kiss. While standing there we hugged and stood
there talking about our moments while looking out at the beautiful
cliffs. And then we kissed again and both said how much we loved
each other. *Sigh* It is still as romantic now as it was then. We
Hope to live in NC always and be able to visit our favorite place
whenever we want.

Maybe next Saturday we will go back and actually get a picture of
of our exact spot of where we shared our first kiss and where he
proposed. If only I had a tripod. Maybe for a birthday present.

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