Friday, March 7, 2008

Cookie Monster!!

When Nathan arrived home from work last night, he was excited and animatedly told me about some strange caller he spoke to at work that day. He sat down in the computer chair and proceeded to talk until he noticed the arrangement on the table with the cookies being the center attraction. "Cookies!!"was his own personal interruption of his story. Grabbing one, he proceeded to chew and I decided to make fun. "Nathan, don't eat that! It is for a picture I am taking!" His eyes got big and remorseful. He took me into his arms and apologized ever so humbly while I tried not to laugh. I couldn't last long and laughed and told him that I got bored and decided to find something new to photograph. When I couldn't find anything interesting enough, a picture popped into my head and I proceeded to make cookie and find things to arrange around the cookies. So then I showed Nathan the pictures I had already taken and the blog. He laughed at me and then ate some more cookies and asked about dinner. He thanked me for the cookies and said that he had been craving them for sometime and that they were perfect and chewy in the middle just like he liked them.
Today I decided to make soup and photograph it. Nathan's lunch became my photographic experience and this time he had to suffer cold soup and nuke it a little in the microwave to get it to where the cheese would melt. Sadly enough, I forgot to take a picture of Nathan while he was eating it.

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