Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tasty Morsels

Yep I can get distracted with taking pictures, but I decided to make cookies in order to have this picture taken. And, no, not all of the cookies were able to fit on the plate so I ate a couple! MMMM! Sugar cookies turn out nicely every time so I made these moist sugar cookies from one of my random cookbooks called "Where's Mom Now that I Need her?" I collect cookbooks and happen to have this one. Even though I didn't need Mom for much after I was married. I knew how to do everything. There may have been little things like which shaker does the salt go in. The one with two holes? Or Three? LOL. Yeah that was one reason I called Mom. Another may have been about bread. I had made bread a few times before and just needed a question answered that my book didn't address. Anyway here are some pictures that I had fun taking.


Amy said...

You are making me want cookies! And that is awful about your fridge! I hope your landlady does something about it, because that doesn't sound very safe!

Dorothy said...

Thank you!!!Yes the landlady was notified and she said she will take care of it. The freezer and refrigerator are both on the coldest so that they will stay cold. Currently they are cold and the ice isn't dripping. But every once in a while our fridge makes a huge ruckus that makes me go to the window and look out for a helicopter that must be nearby. Nope! No helicopter out there! It is the motor making a loud noise. Probably the compressor not doing the right job. But I am not a fixer upper and have no idea what to do about it. Or I would.