Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chiropracttor visit today

I just came back from the chiropractor today and had discovered in depth about what is really happening with my hip and back. I have scoliosis, which an MD had told me probably happened when I was born, and I have a hip misalignment which happened around the age of 14 or 15 falling off a horse. Dr. Barnes my chiropractor as of today, was able to tell me a lot about my hip and back that even Dr Mitchell my former chiroprator hadn't told me.
I showed my year old x-rays to Dr. Barnes and he was able to take measurements and be able to tell me that my whole hip has been rotated so to say and that it is causing my spine to curve. He knows for sure that falling off a horse at the speed it was going (gallop) would cause my hip to do that and as a result would cause my spine to curve to make up for the hip being out of place. His first question after taking measurements on the x-ray was, "do you and your husband plan on having kids?" Of course we plan on it. I told him yes, we want kids. And then he told me right out, that it wouldn't be a good thing to have kids with the way my hips are right now. This wasn't what I wanted to hear, but I am glad that he had told me this. I asked him why an MD would tell me that it was fine and his response was, "because an MD isn't trained to do chiropractic care and doesn't have to know all about chiropractic work, so they are ignorant of a lot of what chiropractors are trained to know." I am angry that an MD would tell me that "yes it is ok to have kids, it isn't a problem." That gave me a false hope. And now I am glad to hear the truth even if it does hurt me a little to know that not only does our plans for having children rest on Nathan's job situation, but also on my hip and spine alignment.
The hardest lesson in learning this news is patience in waiting before we can plan on having children. My fear is that it will take longer than two or three years before we can have children. I live alone all day and have trouble dealing with loneliness because I only have Nathan. I don't have a car and can't drive yet. So on rainy days and cold days I stay home all day. I do have cats, only they sleep all day.
Please be in prayer for me.
I am very thankful that I was warned about the problems with childbearing with my condition. I regret that I didn't visit a chiropractor immediately after the accident, but I was ignorant of that kind of field of doctors and probably never had heard of them before. As Nathan told me recently, I probably would have been a completely different person at the time that we met if I hadn't had these struggles with my health. He is right I am sure. I learned to pray more when I was sick than when I was healthy. And when I was in pain than when I was subdued. I am reminded of Romans 8:28, "And we know that God causes all things to happen for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose."
My prayer is that God will work in my heart through these times of bliss at knowing that we may have to wait longer than we want in planning a family. Also I pray that God will grant me peace to be able to bear being alone, during the days, for however long it takes for me to be physically fit for childbirth.

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