Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 Months

I sit here thinking back to the times Nathan and I had when we were dating and then when we were engaged, married, and life as it is now, and I see that God has truly blessed our lives! Today marks ten months of being married. Nearly a year now. I am excited and can't wait to celebrate our anniversary.

One of my favorite memories with Nathan were the ones where we were still dating and the excitement behind knowing that God had placed Nathan in my life for a reason. I didn't deserve this! Yet he still blessed me with him. I still think back to the circumstances in which we met. How his uncle John thought to put together a dinner for us to meet. And how it worked out beautifully! He and I talked the next day during the Sunday covered dish dinner and sat together. He opened the car door after I accepted his offer to drive me home. I was so giddy over the fact that he asked me in such a sweet and gentlemanly way. I remember being impressed that he actually opened the door for me. I laugh remembering my giddiness and how I took him the long way home so that we could talk longer. He told me he would see me again on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving was two and a half weeks away! That was a long time. But we gave out our email addresses. On Monday night he asked if he could call me on the phone, and I said yes he could. He called me up and we talked until midnight. This happened every night that first week only the time that we hung up got later and later until one time it was 3:00am and we decided to set a limit. Then we both got Verizon Wireless cell phones on that Friday after meeting. This way we wouldn't have to wait until 9pm when I could receive his phone call in order to get free minutes. And he could call me anytime he wanted. I remember watching for shooting stars at the same time over the phone. And we often saw the same shooting start. Well it was really just a meteorite shower, but we called them shooting stars. It was very romantic. By the time Thanksgiving came around, I felt like I knew him so well. And I had. We learned to love each other over the phone and learned to know each other very well. The only thing we hadn't told each other yet was "I love you!" We both would think it in our minds and hearts. But we couldn't say it yet. I was waiting for him to make the first move, and he was waiting for the moment when he got my father's blessing.
He asked my father on Thanksgiving night first if he could date/court me and then he said that he already knew that he wanted to marry me. And Dad said yes to both. We were engaged Decemnber 23,2006. I knew he would be asking me soon and just had no clue I would get it as a Christmas present. Nathan was my best Christmas present I had ever known. I had no idea, in the beginning of year 2006, what was coming, but I welcomed it with an open heart and arms.
Nathan truly has been one of the best things to have happened to me. And even though there are times when I am lonely and when I wish I had more friends up here, I know that Nathan will be here for me and will be an encouragement to me when I need it the most. I love him very much. I look forward to growing old together with him and wouldn't want to grow old together with anyone other than him.
I enjoy every moment I can get with him and miss him every time we have to say goodbye again. It is the hardest thing to say goodbye in the mornings and afternoon when he goes to work. But it is worth the waiting to have him come back home to me in the evenings with open arms. I thank God for him daily.


Brittny said...

Dorothy, that’s so sweet. It’s like celebrating an Almost-Aneversary Day. Well, I haven’t really been an active member of the bloggerworld, but I’m working on a post now—who knows when I’ll publish… I lost track of your blog until I saw it posted on facebook. Dorthoy, you HAVE to post pictures of Cecily E. Hearn—is that how you spell her name?

Dorothy said...

I am taking dinner over to Susanna and Chad tonight, so I will bring my camera and post some pictures up soon. I have a few on Facebook and Myspace, but not any that are close up. Cecilie Elise Hearn is how her name is spelled.

Lydia Grace said...

Oh wow! Did I read that properly? Did he really ask your dad after only 2 months?!!! (and I thought my mom and dad getting married within 9 months of having met was fast!) ;) How amazing God's timing is, right? :)

Amy said...

God's kindness to us is always amazing. I am glad you posted how it all happened, because I hadn't known too many details before. I cannot believe it's already been almost a year!