Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Five Bags

I still cannot believe I have finished these and that they all turned out well! They are sling bag purses. I am going to design larger ones eventually for market bag/tote bag size. I also hope one day to find a one-hole hole punch and add snaps to the design instead of velcro. I think it may sell better if I do it that way. I would add magnet clips, but it costs around $3-$5 per magnet fastener whereas around 10 snaps come in a package at wal-mart for about $2. For now, velcro works well and is easy to add to the design.

These bags I worked on in an assembly line, cutting out the fabrics per bag on day one, sewing the lining and outer shells, adding Velcro, and basting and pinning on day two to get it ready for finishing, and then early this morning between breakfast and saying goodbye to Nathan I added the bottoms to the bags and was finished. Even though they are complete and tagged with labels, I am at a disadvantage. I do not know what to do with myself. I could design more, but my hands cannot take any more. They have had all they can take these past three days. I have always had cramps from knitting and crocheting, but never from sewing. Maybe five at one time was too much. But then again, my #2 bag motto is "there is no such thing as too many bags!" My first one: "you do not hold a bag, you wear it!"
This one is my favorite. I am going to make another one just for me.

This one turned out nicely.
I have been using this fabric for a long time now and I think this may be the last of it! Hooray!!
I took this fabric from an old skirt. It looked ugly as a skirt, but I like it better as a handbag. The first one I made was with this material and is my current purse. I can match it with anything.

I wished there was more of this material. It is the cutest one in my opinion and would look great as a market bag.

I hope to make more once my hands have healed.

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