Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Method to My Madness

This morning,-doesn't it always occur in the mornings?-I felt stir crazy and did not feel like sewing. I don't know, maybe I needed a break from sewing or maybe it was my hair being loose, my feet bare, or the fact that I was still in my pajamas. Whatever the cause, I needed to do something and I could not sit still. I was tired of Facebook and the internet. Tired of sitting, tired of working on homework, and just plain tired of the ordinary.

I began pacing and trying to come up with an inspiring and colorful new bag to sew or sew one from my list of "musts," but found that nothing I appealed this morning. And besides, the room was terribly messy with too many chairs and objects I had to step over or around. Why can't I seem to be organized with all my fabrics and supplies?

A light bulb of inspiration turned on at that inquisition. There must be some place I can put ALL my material and tools! I began to reach far into my mind for some brilliant idea of a place or nook I could keep all my fabrics. At the time, they were all scattered and in several rooms. Our chairs, table, end tables, coffee tables, dresser drawers, closets, multiple tote bags, and a china hutch side door were all hosts to mounds of fabric and sewing supplies.

I did not used to be in this predicament. The only fabrics I owned were scraps as I did not sew often and when I did sew, it was only to make a small something or a pillow: the only objects I could master. Then in March, I became infected with a bug. A tote bag bug. And then it became a problem.

This is what I did to solve my problem and satiate my hunger to do something.

To put things into perspective for you: Scrabble, our small cat demonstrates just how small of a place I used to keep the majority of my fabrics before I turned into the tote bag monster.

Here is what I did with my china hutch, side-door nook. Cute, isn't it? These are only a portion of the machine sewing books people have given me. I use these more frequently to gain ideas, learn techniques, and be inspired.

And here is where I put my stash of fabric. That's right! Inside my dining room "pantry" where I keep extra pots, pans, dishes, and tea sets. I did not think I would ever finish. But here it is!

Look! Look! My mess is hidden! I am completely thrilled!!

It feels great to be able to look at ALL of my fabrics in one time and in one location. Now I am able to see what I can blend together in a pattern instead of marching around in circles before giving up and just making something with whatever I touch first.

One day I would like to have those stack-able white metal shelves meant for dishes and pantries, maybe for my birthday? They are expensive to get in one go even using Wal-Mart, Big Lots, or the Dollar General as my supplier.

"Why are you cast down, O my soul?And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him For the help of His countenance."
~Psalm 42 :5

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Dorothy said...

I still cannot believe how much fabric, vintage sheet sets, and other materials I own! I had no idea until I put them into one location! This will last me for quite some time.