Friday, July 2, 2010

This is the month I have been waiting for.

I should be getting our last car bill in the mail any day now. I have trouble believing that this is the month we pay it all off. "Can it be real?" I keep asking myself. Never have I been so eager to get that bill in the mail than right now.
Nathan teased me this morning on aim, telling me he wants to get the car he has been drooling over every time we pass the Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep car dealership. The one that is red with white stripes and has only two doors. He claims it will take six years to pay it off and that it will be a good economy car for just two people. I did take him seriously. I also got a little bit upset when he said that in two weeks he will test drive it. After going on for a few minutes, he finally said he was only teasing. It is one joke I never laughed at.
He does still, however, desire to test drive it for fun during our stay-cation. So when people ask me what we did on our vacation for fun, I will definitely tell them that we found a new hobby: test-driving red cars with white stripes.
We are hoping this will help us save money for a deposit on a home. I also pray I may be able to sell items I have made or find a part time job. For sure, with the car paid off, we will finally be able to afford for me to get my driver's license (insurance is expensive for first time drivers).

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Mommy Octopus said...

Congrats! It's a great feeling not having that nagging car payment due.