Monday, September 22, 2008

Christmas preparations must begin now!

I can hardly believe that Christmas is just a few months away. Although I have trouble imagining that we will already have elected a president by then, I know that Christmas time will come no matter which candidate is in office. For now I must not worry but leave all things into God's hands and begin on Christmas presents. I have already wrapped one Christmas present and set it aside and am working hard on hand-crafting most of my gifts for this year. Last year's plan for Christmas presents were a success in my opinion and so I have already come up with new ideas for hand-crafted presents for this year. I have written out my ideas next to the gift receivers' names and have embaked on a journey that will probably last me until Christmas time at the rate I have started and at the looks of the list. This should keep me busy for the "home season," as I have decided to call the cold season where I have to stay indoors until spring rolls around or until I get my drivers license. As long as a list is made, it will get done. The feeling of accomplishment is worth it in the end.
 I  believe that there are only a small handful of people on my list for whom I am buying gifts. The rest get hand made items. And then there are those on my list that I have no idea what to get them. Generally that means it must be a male gift receiver. Guys are just too difficult to get gifts for and generally have no clue what in the world  it is they just opened up on Christmas day. It then becomes the present of the day he least wants to open because of the guilt in not having the knowledge or understanding that it takes to be able to say, "thank you so much for this _____, I am looking forward to using it!" If I make anything for those few guys on my list, I will be sure to attach instructions to the gift!

For now, I have only one hour left of the day before Nathan comes home. Although I enjoy the sound of the door opening and Nathan's greeting to the kitties at the door, I know that I won't get much done with my big baby being home. :D He is a big distraction and will attempt to foil my plans of trying to accomplish anything important! 


Zanna said...

Yes, men are so shallow. I once gave Chad a card and he tried to pick his nose with it. *sigh* Must remember to attach instructions next time.:-)

susan booth said...
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