Thursday, September 4, 2008

A blessing from God

Thursday September 2nd I went to my chiropractor for and adjustment of my lower back, upper back and kneck. It was while he was feeling my spine that he said the words to me that I hace been longing to know all these months of going in and being adjusted. He described to me that what he felt now and what he saw on the x-ray were not the same, that he knows if I had an x-ray done sometime soon that it will show that my scoliosis is going away. He believes that it is much different than it was when I had x-rays taken. He also thinks that in time my scoliosis will be completely gone. Some of it will depend on my body and how well I take care of it. I did nearly cry while sitting there with a dumb face while he told me all these things. I had been wanting to hear those words for some time now. My scoliosis came about because of my horse accident when I was 14 years old. I just didn't know that my hip would come out of place and cause all that at the time. I used to wish none of that had happened to spare me from all the pain I suffered to my hip and lower back. But as Nathan tells me again and againg, if that had never happened, I may not have become the person I am now. That God causes these things to happen for a reason. I may not have been content with what I have now and how I am now. I truly believe Nathan is 100% correct when he tells me these things. 
    He is right. I know it in my heart that God wanted me to feel the full effects of a blessed Christian by going through what I went through in order to get better and know that He is the one who heals and takes care of me. At the beginning of my visits I had my doubts and the chiropractor had his doubts that my spine would ever allign itself to  the normal spine curvature. I know that even if it doesn't completely return to the norm, I will still have gone through all this for 
a reason. To see God's hand in all this. He truly is an awesome God. He can heal me where other doctors don't believe there can be a change! Through my chiropractor, God is healing me. Most doctors will tell you that there is nothing that can be done about scoliosis. They don't always tell you that there is the option of chiropractic care. Most doctors don't really believe chiropractors will help. It is only in the last few years that chir
opractors have been accepted by medical and health insurance companies. 
   I pray that my scoliosis will completely go away.
 Even if it doesn't, I know that all this did happen 
for good and was not in vain. 

I recently got a laptop (as of yesterday) and am having so much fun with the web cam included. It is fuzzy and not the best camera, but it works!


Amy said...

That is wonderful news!!

Ashley said...

God be praised! I'll continue praying!

Brittny said...

How wonderful! does this mean you've been having less pain?

Dorothy said...

Well, yes. I have been having less pain and hadn't really realized it. Nathan was the one who mentioned to me that I hadn't been complaining much about my back or hip. After hearing from the chiropractor, I sat down and wrote out a list of changes that Nathan and I noticed about me since I have been going to the chiropractor. It has been only 5 months of going to my chiropractor here and already there have been many good results and improvements.