Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Nathan and I are going to be having my sister Hannah up on the 27th of this month through the 6th of July. I am bubbling with excitement and Hannah is counting down the days. I didn't think we would be able to get this far along with plans, but so far everything is going smoothly and is all set for her to come stay with us. She will be sleeping on the sofa with sheets and her own pillow I believe. I have already sat down and written a list of our favorite things to eat for dinner and have asked her what she has thought about it. She can't wait to start helping me in my own home. Hannah and I will be making dinner every night with a possible night where we will eat out. We are leaving one night open for a movie theater and a special dinner at either the Motor Company Grill or the Sunset.

One thing that she will not be used to is getting up at the crack of dawn and dinner being later than she is used to. My family eats dinner no later than 6:00pm, and we eat somewhere around 7:00 and at the latest 8:00. If I had to wait longer for Nathan, I would. Basically, I run a very loose schedule when it comes to meal planning. It doesn't matter when I make dinner as long as it gets made and is going straight to our bellies. Dishes are usually left in the sink to sit in water until after breakfast. That is the time I get them all washed because by the time I am done with the meal and we have eaten, I am tired. Mom always made sure the kitchen was cleaned the minute everyone had eaten.

There are quite a few things around here that will take Hannah the entire visit to accustom herself to, but I am sure she won't mind the change in environment for ten days.

Friday the 27th we will be picking her up at my Dad's work in SC and from there will drive back up the mountains and show her all the waterfalls that we can see on our way back. Saturday we plan to take her to our lake: Fairfield Lake. The location where Nathan proposed. We plan on walking around the entire lake with her and then going back home for lunch. After that, we have no other plans yet except on one of the days that Nathan has a half day off the next week, we will go to see some waterfalls. I don't know if Dry Falls is opened to the public yet or not, but that was one of the places we wanted to take her.

I look forward to planning more for our week with Hannah, but I am going to make her feel comfortable, relaxed, and make it worth while. I don't get to spend a whole week with any of my siblings anymore and finally, for the first time since I was married, get to spend a week and three days with one of them. Sarah will be the next one to spend time up here with us for a week. I will have to wait until Alaina is older to be able to have her up, but Marjory would be next in line after Sarah. I would have to ask Michael if he would want to spend a week up here or not. He may prefer just coming up for a weekend one of the times the Greer's come up.

I need to get back to a few chores before I go to work for the day. I have a bed to make, a couple of dishes still in the sink, and a cluttered cork board I want to clear off and throw away.

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