Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Day of Work

Today I went to work at 10:45 and ended up stepping onto a thorn on our path from the complex to the side road. It went through my right Croc shoe and into my toe. That took me ten minutes to get out of my shoe so that it wouldn't hurt my feet while I walked. My big toe was bleeding from the puncture, but I didn't care about that, I was fretting that I would be late to work for my first day! Finally I was on the road and walking again. I just had to stop by the pottery store to say thanks for my tea cup that is oh so cute! And happened to be there when the pottery man was taking a mug off the shelf to take home because the rim of it was uneven and he didn't want to sell it to a customer so he handed it to me and said "you want it, we're tossing it!" I said, "sure, you better not toss that, I'll keep it." So for now I am going to use it to keep loose change in it. It will make me feel rich.

After those five minutes of talking I ran across the street and was at work right before the town bell rang 11 times. She showed me around the store and showed me the cash drawer and how to use it. I followed her around for a bit until we had customers. I made some waffle cones!
Just like old times! They smell wonderful! It reminded me of all the times that Jack and I would be making the waffle cones and would have three of the waffle cone makers going at one time! Sharon took this picture and told me I should post it. I will have her take more pictures and I hope to takes some myself.

The store has to have pictures for some advertisement and for their website that they will have to develop for the down town Franklin advertising. All of the shops in downtown Franklin get together once a month and discuss things for further development of the old town look. This is a historical location and a tourist town. They are all trying to promote downtown shopping.

Anyway, I had so much fun! All of the work I experienced today brought back wonderful memories of the days when I worked at Bruster's Real Ice Cream store. We are both putting together our ideas from our past experience of working at ice cream stores (she worked at Baskin Robbins once) and coming up with new things we could make and sell to help the store's business.
gotta go eat dinner! I'll update later. I will be working every day except Saturday and Sundays.


Amy said...

I am so excited that you found a job, and doing something you already love and know how to do!

Dorothy said...

thanks! I am excited too!