Monday, January 28, 2008

Laundry today...

Well, today is laundry day. I have four loads of laundry to do today. I have cleaned everything in this home that needs cleaning and am now sitting here wishing I knew what to do... Laundry takes time and waiting. The hard part. I don't really want to read right now or crochet. SO here I am. I have had a hard time adjusting to Nathan's new schedule of working from 8-6 everyday. Waking up early isn't a problem anymore. The days just are a bit longer than I am used to having. I can now say that I see the sunrise and the sunset behind the mountains up here. What a beautiful sight it is!!!

Nathan's sister has finished updating his resume so now we can start searching and applying for jobs for him. I am thinking of asking her if she wouldn't mind putting together a resume for me. Mine will be a lot easier and simpler than Nathan's since I have only had two jobs in my life. Bruster's and Braselton Library. I guess if you want to include working at the Town Hall of Braselton that would be a third. I did a bit of filing for them and helped printing the water bills and using the folding machine and stamp machine. I was pretty good at all the jobs that I worked and was quick to learn. I am sure that I can get a job easily, but it is finding a place that is looking for help is the hard part. I know of only two places that might hire in springtime. The ice cream store and the bookstore. I laugh thinking that the only two places offering a job in summer happen to be in my area of expertise.

I want so much to work at the library here, but I have no way of getting there until I have a car. And it will take having a job to be able to afford a car. So I need a job in walking distance. I hope to get a job over the springtime if Nathan hasn't found a job and if it doesn't require moving. I pray that he finds a job within commutable distance from the Church where we are members. Where his father is the pastor. I love that Church and would hate to leave it now that I have become a member (as of November).

As I write this, I am remembering my plans for tea when I next go down to GA to see my family. I am so excited. So far I have received a donation of six tea cups, saucers to match them, a tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl. I was not expecting this!!! I am now looking for a platter to match the tea set that was given to me. The tea set is all white. I have a white platter, but it is too big for tea cakes. All I need is a white dinner plate and my tea party will be set. I am going to make a table cloth to go on the round table where my sisters and I will be having our tea. As well as I hope to get a folding table in case more can join us for tea. I am going to look for a children's book to read to them while we have tea.

I have spoken to Mom about the tea party I am planning on hosting in GA and she thinks it is a great idea. I am waiting for her to call back letting me know when Dad might be working on a Saturday in the month that we plan to go to GA so that we can avoid that weekend. I want to be there when Dad is there. Nathan is going to plan something to do with Ben and Michael while I am having tea, that way he is not left with nothing to do and Michael has something as well.

We want to be able to visit the library where I worked and I want to show Nathan the stairway to nowhere. An old overgrown field that used to be where the old Braselton High school used to be. What is left is stairs leading to the empty field. I want to take a picture of the field and the stairs and have it blown up and then I want to sketch it and paint it for my own pleasure. I enjoy sketching and recently have gotten back into it. It has been nearly two years since I last sketched or drawn or painted anything. I have forgotten how much fun I used to have. Now I am just lacking in the equipment and in things to sketch.

I need to go wash up and plan our next meal.

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