Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here in NC.

  Well, people keep asking me, "how are things going for you in NC.?" To those who are curious, life is going great. Nathan and I are getting along swell and enjoying sharing life together.  Some of you know that Nathan has a sleep walking problem. Yes that is right, he walks in his sleep on unpredictable times. They are quite funny and sometimes scary as it happens. But so far only Nathan has gotten hurt. He also likes to talk in his sleep too! That can be quite fun. I have been able to talk back to him and hear the most hysterically funny answers from him. I have woken him up just from laughing at his sleep talking. A couple of nights ago he pulled me close to him and said he needed a kiss.  So I kissed him and he said he wanted another kiss. Well, after I kissed him lightly again, he sighed and told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I knew he was totally asleep, and so I chuckled to myself and rolled over to fall asleep. The next morning I told him what he had done, and he said he didn't remember that at all. One of the funniest sleepwalks was when he woke me up by shouting "Dorry, turn on the light!"  I asked him if he was okay and all he said was "turn on the light and get out of bed I know it is in the bed,  but I can't find it." So I turned on the light and got half out of bed when I saw he was under the covers at the foot of the bed. I asked him what was the matter and he said he lost his comb! He thought he had brought his comb into the bed and he declared that he knows it was in the bed!!! I laughed and said, "Nathan, your comb is in the bathroom where you always keep it." he didn't believe me and still kept feeling in the bed until I told him that he can go back to bed now because it was not there. Finally he came to his senses and understood it was just a dream. We had a wonderful laugh over that the next morning.  Another night I coughed only once and apparantly woke him up by the cough. He yelled "I'll get it! I'll kill it!" He began smacking his bedside table really hard with his hand (not sure which one, it was too dark). I asked him, " what are you doing?" and his response was "there's a bug" "No , Nathan there is not a bug." "are you sure?" "Yes, Dear, I am sure." and with that I turned on the light and let him see that it didn't exist. Poor Nathan! He has a hard time comprehending reality from dreams when he first wakes up! But God has kept us safe and thankfully there is no window he can jump out of in his sleep!


j.j. said...

Dorothy -- although some of those "sleepwalking" stories might not be so funny while they are happening, they are very funny to read!!
I'm glad things are going well for you two. Are you working in a library up there?

Brittny said...

Well, I believe that the family has had to relinquish this right to tell sleep-walking stories now that you'll be getting first hand experiences! You’re becoming a braver person. I can see it now, your first published work… “The Fantastic Tales of Nathan’s Nightmares,” “Mr. Forrester’s Dreams Unleashed,” “Dorry Forrester’s Death-defying Encounters.”