Monday, June 4, 2007

A new kitchen experiment of mine-- "Fried Oreos"

Well as some of you all know, there is such thing as a fried oreo! Tonight for dessert, that is what Nathan wanted me to make. Fry some oreos or just attempt to it.

Every Monday night Nathan and I plan on having his best friend Jake over for dinner. Monday's used to be the night that Jake and Nathan would go to this small but popular restaurant called Bogart's. Well one time I had the privilege of witnessing Jake and Nathan (on very full bellies) eat fried oreos and ice cream. They kept making appropriate noises saying how much they loved it. It was the first time Jake ever had a fried oreo. This platter only had like half a dozen fried oreos. That is six for those of you who can't count. Anyway, I have never had one, but Nathan kept telling me I should try them sometime, or even fry them myself one day. So I had all these left over oreos from when I made an oreo pudding for dessert on Thursday. Nathan's suggestion was that I make some fried oreos for dessert tonight with the leftover oreos. I had no idea what kind of batter I was supposed to use when he told me "oh it is made with pancake batter!" Of course! I will use pancake batter! I thought to myself in a slightly amused manner.

I didn't think I would really do it. But after I talked it over with Nathan and then with myself, I decided "OKAY Dorothy, now is the time to do something different that you will always remember." Well I made them, just dip a frozen oreo in pancake batter put in a frying pan with heated vegetable or canola oil and once it is brown put it on a plate. Simple. Now I have a kitchen mess with pancake batter all over my clothes, my floor, my stove, and my counter top.
But other than that, I think fried oreos are delicious and I can't wait to see the looks on the boys faces when they eat them. Cooking is my pleasure, cleaning, well cleaning is just part of having fun in the kitchen!

So for dinner we are having a pasta I have called "It's not Wednesday" pasta with corn on the cob as a side and since the pasta is very filling that is all that will go with the dinner. And then fried oreos for dessert! I hope all goes well tonight.


j.j. said...

HI Dorothy! So glad you started a blog. It will be a great way for the rest of us to keep up with you and your new life!

Brittny said...

Yummy! I've been to bogart's once, and found out only after I'd stuffed my face that there were fried oreos! to this day I've not had a single one.