Monday, January 28, 2013

They Say That Dryers Eat Socks. What Eats Bookmarks?

   We are always concerned with socks and the missing pair being kidnapped or eaten by the household dryer. What about bookmarks? Since moving across town back in November, my shoebox of bookmarks was declared missing and instead of using a regular bookmark, I have had to resort to using random household objects among anything that is flat, small, and basically declared trash or useless.
   In the past two months I have gone from using a square of

to a piece like this
an unused one of these

a piece of

A friend once suggested that the next was his favorite
(it is a PCI slot cover which goes on a computer case and can be found randomly strewn in my husband's office). I put it to the test and now heartily disagree with him on that one. I found it heavy and bulky when reading a paperback or thin book. Oh, and I lost that one too!

The next image is my latest bookmark

A twist tie!!
I wonder how long that will last.

I have never grown attached to any particular bookmark. I don't have time to. By the time I have finished a book, I may have used four to five different random bookmarks. 
You may say to me, "But you work in a library where bookmarks basically grow off trees!!" Yeah, I know. That just shows how lame and pathetic I am. If I take one home, it will only survive a few minutes even if it comes home in a book. It is destined to go missing, just like all the others.

So my question for you is this:
What is the most random household item you have used for a bookmark?

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