Friday, January 7, 2011


Since getting my driver's license, I have so much I want to do now. For lack of time, I will just list them. Remember, this is a list of wants, not musts. I may never get to do or maintain some of these all the time, but I certainly look forward to being available whole heartedly when I can.

+clip coupons and find grocery deals around town in one go (even if it means splitting the shopping up into two stores stead of one)
+make soup for the broken hearted or sick and drive it to them
+babysit =-)
+visit loved ones and dear ones
+be a part of a Bible study
+take more library trips!!!!!
+spend more time in a store than I am normally able to (remember, my husband formed the "slow wives club" on Facebook)
+meet friends for coffee
+get out more often as a way to chill and just get out when I need t0
+get to doctor's appointments faster and easier.
+save stamps and pay some bills in person (three of which can be done in town with no fees)
+and just be available to help or be there for the beck and call of loved ones and dear ones.

these are things I have always aspired to do if I ever had wheels. I think Nathan may have to fight to get the car for a while. I promise to keep all my aspirations within reason and within a certain limit!!! I realize gas is not cheap and easy.

I also realize I do not even know how to pump gas and cannot remember when the last time I did it!! I won't be able to get far without. Will I even remember to check the gas meter? Is that even what it is called? lol. It is funny how much I did not notice until I truly became an independent driver on this day. It is all so surreal still. Still has not sunk in yet and still I feel it was not me that drove myself home and to the grocery store alone and even to pick up my own husband from work (in the dark!!) while snow flakes were floating to the ground.

Well...It is off to bed now. If I can sleep.

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