Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wish I were working

SO I get to stay home today from work, but I really needed to make the money. We are trading our new tv for a better and bigger one tomorrow, but we may not be able to afford it then. I hope we can sell some salsa soon. I am making several batches today since I am home, and will have Nathan take them to my work place tomorrow to display them for sale. Maybe they will sell well. I think they will, I just need to get them all made. I am not looking forward to cutting the onions! I have seven onions to cut by hand! At least I don't have to cut all the jalapenos by hand as well. That part is easy since i have a food processor attachment on my Kitchen Aid mixer. I just don't do onions that way because it becomes liquid onion, and makes the smell take over the kitchen. One day soon I will get myself a vegetable hand chopper to make things easier.

ok, so I do need to get to chopping onions. Any suggestions as how I can do it faster by hand????


Amy said...

There is a great, quick way to chop onions, but I suspect it will be hard to describe. Rachel Ray does it the way I am thinking of, so you could probably find a video online of her doing it. Or you could check youtube.

Dorothy said...

I couldn't find a video of her doing it but I like the way that Chef Tomatza does it on this video

So I will work on trying to get myself a knife set first of all. Then I will be able to do it his way.