Saturday, April 5, 2008

What's in your quesadilla?

Recently, I was sitting at our bar reading through a cookbook called "How to Boil Water," very much wanting to make something new for dinner and something I had never made before, when I came across a section on how to make quesadillas. On that page, it instructed me step for step how to make one. I was much impressed and enthusiastic on this idea. I threw the rest of the ingredients out of the list and decided that no cookbook was going to tell me what to put into a quesadilla. I would do that part my own way.

Nathan came home from work just as I was ready to come up with my own concoction of what I wanted to see in my quesadilla. I realized, "what kind of quesadilla would Nathan want?" So I informed him, "I am making quesadillas for dinner tonight and would like to know what you want in yours." Nathan of course first had to hear my story of how I stumbled across this idea for dinner. Before getting his answer, I informed him that he may have anything he likes, that we have in the refrigerator and cabinets, in his quesadilla.

He answered me and with a few suggestions on my part and decided that he would have his quesadilla with cheese, stir fried chicken, my homemade hot salsa and sour cream. He was brave to try his this way, but I was dead set on him getting his quesadilla just the way he liked it, no less than that. It was to be just the way he wanted it and I was going to make sure of this.
I decided that my quesadilla was going to go first in case of mistakes, though I was doubtful of this. I knew from the minute I layed my eyes on the cookbook page that I could do it and with flying colors. But still, I had to do mine first so that my husband got the best one.

Following the instructions from the cookbook, I melted cheese in my biggest frying pan and made sure it coated the bottom and a bit of the sides of the pan. I then Placed my white corn tortilla on the pan and sprinkled shredded cheddar cheese on the surface of the tortilla. I placed a portion of the chicken, that I had stir fried in olive oil previous to buttering the frying pan, onto one side of the tortilla and then smothered that chicken with sour cream. I had to do all this quick like so that the tortilla wouldn't brown before its time to brown. I then folded the softened tortilla in half covering the chicken and sour cream. Waiting about a minute or two I checked to see if the bottom of the quesadilla was browned a little and when it was just that I flipped it and let the other side brown.

When it was finished crisping up, I transferred it to the preheated 200 degree oven and let it rest on a cookie sheet to keep it warm while I cooked Nathan's. In order to cook his, I put more butter in the pan, after first wiping out the pan a with a paper towel, and let his butter melt. Keeping to the instructions I proceeded to follow in the same manner as I had done before and cook his quesadilla.

Placing his along side my quesadilla, I shut the oven door and set the table in a jiffy while letting my computer geek of a husband know that it was time to finish up his game and come eat dinner with me. Actually, I probably only said, "dinner is ready my love." But of course that is understood that he better be done with his game for the moment. I have no problem with him playing computer games while I am making dinner, but when dinner is served, my stomach waits for no one. :)

It was a hit and a favorite instantly at our table. I made the decision right then and there, that we would try many different quesadillas and that I would search for the perfect filling for a quesadilla until I found one. But I found out that our first quesadillas we ate were the ones that both of us thought highly of and felt was the perfect ones for us. It fit us like a glove.

I have discovered that quesadillas shows the character of the one who is eating it. Each eater of a quesadilla will let you know how he/she likes their quesadilla. It is as if each quesadilla was imprinted with a tell tale mark of the person eating it. Some prefer theirs with meat, some with veggies, some without. When you go to a mexican restaurant, you can go up to any person eating a quesadilla, and I bet you will find that each person out of the whole mass of quesadilla eaters is going to have a different quesadilla than the rest. When it comes down to it, not one of the mass of quesadilla eaters will have the same quesadilla as any of the others. Each person is unique in their own way and their quesadilla will tell you that!

Each person likes their own quesadilla the way they prefer it. Their own favorite quesadilla. It may take them time to find their perfect quesadilla for them, but if they truly are into quesadillas, they will spend the time to look for that perfect quesadilla. And I promise you that quesadillas are worth the time to try to find the perfect concoction for the perfect flavor for you.

And now I ask you this, "what's in your quesadilla?"


Lydia Grace said...

haha, I like the way you ended that story! for me, I've never had a quesadilla so I can't say how I like it. :(

Amy said...

mmm...marinated chicken, black beans, cheese (of course!), and spanish rice, with avocado, salsa, and sour cream on top. yummy!

Amy said...

Lydia - How can you have never had a quesadilla before?! You are missing out!!

Lydia Grace said...

haha, I dunno how on earth I could have missed it! The one you descibed, Amy, SURE made my mouth water! wow......

Brittny said...

Uhm, I think I've had a Chile's quesadilla. It was pretty boring. But you're version (and Amy's) sounds scrumptious.