Saturday, August 11, 2007

My kitten

For my birthday all I wanted from Nathan was a kitten or cat. So yesterday, Nathan took a day off to take me to an animal shelter called Forever Farm. We had an appointment to go to the cat house. Nathan and I truly believe that you must let the pet choose you and not the other way around. SO, I went into the house and walked around repeating to myself "he/she must choose me." There seemed to be millions of cats walking around the trailer. This was not easy. All of the friendly cats came up to us anyway and rubbed themselves against our legs. There seemed to be four adult cats that I really liked and that liked me. But I had already told myself I wanted one that was young, frisky and also one that would pick me.
So Nathan and I were escourted to the kitten room by one of the workers. Upon opening the door, the lady knew immediately to put her feet in first and make the kittens back up and stay in the room. One started to get away, but I scooped her up and cuddled her as I entered into the kitten room (aka the bathroom). Upon putting the kitten down, she tried to climb up my jeans to get back into my arms so Nathan and I sat down so none of the kittens would think they had to climb up us to get our attention. There were 7 other kittens in the room and quite a few of them loved playing with my smock shirt that I was wearing. So it became a hard decision. But the one that I caught trying to escape, kept coming back to my lap me even when Nathan tried to pick her up and spend time with her. She would squirm out of his grasp, leap to the floor and scurry back to be in my care. Even though she seemed a little rough with me and had scratched me several times climbing up my back, I knew it had to be her. Upon making this decision the lady said that the owner (Kathy, Nathan and his family know her well) was giving my cat/kitten to me a wedding and birthday gift. Well, so much for Nathan giving me a kitten as a birthday present!!!

Upon, signing papers, Nathan got out Copper's carrying case and we took the kitten to his parents house, where we had spent the night on Sunday. On the way there, I was still wondering what I would name my kitten. I had wanted to get a male kitten and name it Scrabble. I ended up with a female Tortiseshell Domestic Short Hair and well, she just looked like a Scrabble to me and Nathan agreed. So Scrabble it was and still is.

She is very hyper nearly all the time and on our first night of owning her, she woke us up at 2:11am by biting on Nathan's and my ears and scratching at our faces. No matter what I tried, she still came back up to attack at our faces, so we found that the best way to get Scrabble to leave us alone is to pull the covers over our heads. She slept at the end of the bed when that happened but came back two other times until it really was time for us to get up and eat breakfast.

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